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An hour, a week, three months, it doesn't matter how long you spend with us on the Costa del Sol, your Internet connection can't stop! Connect to one of our WIFI Hotspots and choose the time best suits your needs. You only need your credit card or PayPal account and you will be surfing the web in less time than you expect. Have a look at what Mercury Wireless can do for you ...

Having trouble connecting to our hotspot ?, Do you want to improve your connection ? Please read the following guide to improve wifi connection to our hotspots.

Are you already connected from one computer / smartphone / iPad / tablet and need to connect  from a different one ? We only allow one simultaneous connection per account, click on logoff from Mercury wireless hotspot  to disconnect from the device you are currently connected.

If you already live on the Costa del Sol or spend most of the year here, and the WIFI Hotspot connection doesn't suit your needs anymore, we can offer you a dedicated broadband WIFI connection without a telephone line !
Click here for more information on products and prices of WIFI connections ...

(*) Prices and products may vary from one hotspot location to another. Monthly transfer limit of 30 gb will apply. Once the monthly traffic has been exceeded, the connection speed will reduce to 64 kb.