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Improve hotspot wifi signal

Thanks for choosing Mercury Wireless for your Internet connection!

Before you purchase any of our services, please read the information below. It will take you just a couple of minutes and can definitely improve the quality of your connection with us.

SIGNAL STRENGTH - Please note that even if you are receiving a solid, strong signal from our repeater and your computer is showing that the strength is 'good' or 'excellent'- your computer only reports the "received signal strength" - it is unlikely to be able to send information to our hotspot with the same strength, compromising your connection and slowing your internet experience.

Before making any purchase, please visit speedtest.mercuryinternet.com and follow the instructions on that page to make a speed test. If downloading and uploading speed results are good, then you can start thinking what price plan better suits to your needs.

We always recommend our customers to have the clearest line of sight to our hotspots to get the best signal possible. A clear line of sight is the one that you can trace from your computer to our hotspot without going through any obstacle. Walls, trees, even closed windows make communication between our hotspot and your computer more difficult. If inside your house the signal is poor, please move closer to our hotspot, and try again outside (window open, or in a balcony).

If moving closer to the hotspot doesn't work or going outside is not an option, we have several options for you:

  • TL-WN422G

    USB antenna


    We can provide an external antenna that amplify the signal to our hotspots. Just purchase one of these in our offices and connect it to one of the USB ports of your computer. Practical and simple to install, it's the perfect companion to your internet connection if the signal cannot be received properly.
    Price is just 29 euros + VAT.

  • Nanostation M2

    Outdoor antenna/router


    If you want the most of your internet connection, you may consider acquiring an outdoor CPE (customer premise equipment). These units are specifically designed to be mounted outdoors and come with a specialized antenna, a bigger, more powerful version of the USB antenna mentioned above and all cables required. We'll professionally install it at your home and you'll be connected to our hotspot in just minutes!
    Moreover, adding a WIFI router to the set allows you to instantly connect more than one computer to the hotspot signal that the antenna is receiving and gives you freedom to move around the house and stay online!

USB antennas can be purchased from our offices for just 29€ + VAT. For prices and conditions to acquire one of our outdoor antennas, please contact or call us at 951 055 676.